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Celebrity and sunglasses have become two words that we just cannot keep apart, especially when it comes to singer-songwriter Maluma.The Colombian artist has been a household name since 2010, and his catchy songs mixed with his admirable sense of his style make it obvious why. His trendy looks are often paired with bold sunglasses, and for this reas..
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As the leader in inspiration for the eyewear category, Ray-Ban sunglasses styles never wear out. Ray-Ban Sunglasses have been loved by the rebels, rock’n’roll heroes and Hollywood stars. Ray-Ban is known as the first brand to associate eyewear with countercultures and timeless fashion. Their styles have evolved but the iconic look has always stayed..
25 Apr The Independent TOM FORD ATTICUS
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Firstly, the new Tom Ford Atticus sunglasses were released in 2018 and as a result, became a hot must-have item. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have featured these glasses on her Instagram story and we are just waiting for the Kardashian/Jenners to sport these iconic shades.Tom Ford Atticus SunglassesThe Tom Ford Atticus feature an oversized shiny..
25 Apr Darker is not Always Better
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We have all thought it at one point in time or another – that the darker the lenses in your sunglasses were, the safer you would be from UVA and UVB light. Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is far from that simple. After all, there are more factors at play here than you might at first realize. First off, just because a lens is dark in color ..
24 Apr UV Protection VS Polarized Lenses
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In todays society sunglasses have become more than just a functional tool to protect the eye.  Sunglasses have now become synonymous as a fashion statement and a prominent source of individuality.  Yet, as we browse the infinite styles and brands the sunglass world has to offer.  We should never forget the true purpose behind selecting a pair of su..
22 Apr Your First Line of Defense Against Cataracts.
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“Come closer, I can’t see you properly.” These are common words to people who deal with adults over 60 years. While cataracts are caused by many factors among them diabetes, obesity, family history, and smoking; ultraviolet radiation is one of the causes of cataracts. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun and other sources like tanning be..
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A recent study from the University of Basel confirmed that sunglasses reduce exposure to so-called "blue light" from electronic screens. That study focused on how blue light from Light-emitting diode (LED) screens affects the sleep cycle through disruption of circadian rhythms.Sleep is considered one of the most important aspects of human health, u..
27 Feb Cleaning Sunglasses the Right Way
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Glasses are so easy to get dirty. Everything that we do in a day can cause them to get dirty. This is true no matter what type of lens we have. A light sprinkle can put spots on your lenses. There are so many ways a person can clean sunglasses; some ways are better than others. There are some common ways that are rather repulsive, and others that a..
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Fendi launches Roma Amor, a capsule collection that centers its attention in the characteristic and known logotype of the brand and also adding fluorescent colours. The glasses collection Fendi Roma Amor mixes street, sporty and luxury styles in its glasses, that has not been unnoticed among fashion gurus.In this last collection, collaborating with..
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